If you require a simple version for command line or scripting use https://i.ipkitty.com.

This is just a quick and dirty page to display your IP and other information. I made it because I use other What's My IP sites all the time and thought it was better to have something I can personally control.

The cats are random images, mostly of my own kitty named Gypsy. She is a calico and was born in 2012, she has zero interest in computers or networking but does enjoy tuna. Please support your local cat shelters, rescue cats are the best! There are a few other cats visitors have kindly submitted, many thanks to them! If you would like to submit your own please size the image to 466x350 and use the e-mail below. Please only submit images that you personally own and are willing to share for free.

If you have any comments or suggestions please contact [email protected].

This site is designed to be an aid to troubleshooting, accuracy is not guaranteed as results can be altered by your network configuration such as if you are using a proxy or VPN. Please contact your network administrator if you have any questions, we cannot provide support for individual users. No warranty is expressed or implied and we cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate results, do not use this information to make life saving decisions. Note to those testing web filters, this server uses QUIC protocol so you should disable this on your network to get accurate results.

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